Home Tools You Should Never be Without

Every homeowner should always have tools handy. It doesn’t have to be the most complete set of tools ever, you just have to have the basics, which are more than enough if you are only going to use it for simple maintenance or repairs around the house.

Investing in a tool box is always a good idea and you should always opt for one that is big and has enough room for future tools. You will fill it up eventually so why not just buy a spacious one at the start? As for the tools, you don’t have to buy the most expensive ones, just go with something that is reasonably priced but with good quality. These basic tools will be the most used and will be subject to more wear and tear so don’t buy cheap ones either.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer for driving nails and prying is an essential part of a basic tool set. You should always go for one with a non-slip grip as it will be helpful in preventing accidents. The hammer’s weight should be balanced so try out as many as you can before deciding on which one to buy.


Certain types of pliers are more suitable for specific jobs. Long nose pliers are great when working with wires while slip joint pliers are good for holding, bending and for tightening or loosening a nut.

Screwdriver Set

Used for driving screws so you will be needing this a lot. You can buy a set with removable tips but personally, I prefer the fixed type. Phillips and flat head screws are the most common so buy these in different sizes as you see fit.


Tape Measure

A tape measure is essential in your toolbox. From hanging portraits to measuring your room for furniture placement, a measuring tape will come in handy. You should buy the heavy duty type as it is more effective if you happen to be working by yourself. It can be extended further without the need for support.

Utility Knife

Used for slicing through any type of materials, it will come handy in most situations. You should always have extra sets of blades as a dull blade can be very dangerous.



From cutting wood to slicing metal, a hacksaw is essential in your tool set. It can also cut through pvc pipe so it is essential in plumbing. You should always buy extra blades as dull blades can cause accidents.


A simple level will be useful if you want to hang pictures, mirrors or even wall mount your TV in a perfect horizontal level. You should buy a level that can double as a ruler/straight edge.


Adjustable Wrench

Used for tightening and loosening bolts and also very useful with plumbing. You should buy something that doesn’t budge when you set the size as it can be very frustrating working with one that continually budges after setting the size.

These are the basic tools that you will need if you don’t plan on becoming a serious DIYer in the future. If you do want to try DIY, then you will need more tools than these and more power tools.