Infrared Sauna Buying Guide

Saunas have been the rage in the last couple of decades, infrared saunas, in particular. These are considered “new” technology because it hasn’t been that long when they were first introduced commercially. However, it is one of the best types of sauna to buy if you are looking to get one installed at your very own home because of their efficiency, budget friendliness and availability.

What is infrared?

Infrared is a natural source of heat. It is safe and will not cause any harm to us so using it as a heat source for saunas was definitely a great idea and one that is fluorishing because of how popular they’ve become. Infrared light is part of the spectrum of light emitted by the sun and it is very different from ultraviolet rays. UV can be dangerous while infrared is very safe.

Far Infrared vs Near Infrared Saunas

You will come across the terms far infrared and near infrared when you are shopping for a sauna and they both have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Far infrared is often called FIR saunas.

Basically, far infrared is the long wavelength in the infrared wave spectrum and near infrared is the short wavelength. One of the main difference between the two and the simplest way to describe them is that near infrared does not get as hot as far infrared.

Infrared Heaters

There are 2 major types of heaters found in an infrared sauna, carbon fiber and ceramic. Ceramic heaters are considered inferior when compared to carbon fiber due to the way they function.

Carbon fiber heaters are more efficient, they can produce an even heating area and they are overall better. If you are considering getting an infrared sauna, it is highly recommended that you go with carbon fiber heating panels as opposed to ceramic heaters.

Wood and Build Quality

Another important factor that you need to consider when shopping for an infrared sauna is the wood used and the overall quality of the sauna kit, after all, it is a very expensive purchase. High quality wood that won’t bend, break, bow, splinter and outgas should be what you’re looking for.

Modern infrared saunas are usually made from cedar, hemlock or pine. These are all great options and they are all very good quality.

As for the treatment of the wood, make sure that the one you buy from don’t use any chemicals because if they do, they will outgas once you heat up the sauna room. Outgassing means that toxins and other harmful chemicals that have been used in the treatment of the wood will leak and this is very bad for your health. A lot of saunas that can be bought online are safe to use but it won’t hurt to be extra vigilant when it comes to this matter.


Lastly, warranty is very important. Warranty when it comes to sauna is something that you should be aware of. Since saunas are expensive and there are a lot of companies popping out of nowhere to sell their saunas, a good warranty that covers everything is a must.

You should find one that covers all parts of the sauna and not just some of them. Also, you should opt for companies that have been in the business for a considerable amount of time, say 8-10 years because this way, you will know that the company will be able to honor the warranty and they won’t be out of business soon.