Is Eating Rice Good for You?

I have recently been to Asia and I must say, they really love their rice! I mean it’s not a bad thing, just that living in the US my entire life, I have never been accustomed to eating rice everyday. I eat rice maybe once or twice a month and sometimes, I don’t even have it for more than a month. So eating rice almost everyday during my visit to Japan, I got curious about its health benefits and risks.

White rice does not contain gluten.

This is good news for me and others that are trying to eliminate or at least minimize gluten in their diet. As most of you may already know, gluten can cause so much health problems and it’s better if you try to eliminate it. This is especially true if you have gluten intolerance or gluten sensitive. White rice does not contain gluten so it is safe to eat and won’t cause any digestive problems for you.

It is very easy to digest.

Whole grains can be hard to digest due to phytic acid. In order for some grains to be easily digested, you have to properly prepare them before cooking by soaking and for some, fermenting, to release the bran. These can be bothersome if you just want to cook and eat and you don’t want to deal with these preparation methods. As for white rice, this is not a problem as the bran is already released so all you have to do is cook it and eat without having to worry about digestion.

Blood sugar levels and white rice.

White rice is high on the glycemic index and as such, it is always thought of as a food that can raise blood sugar level. However, one thing that is often omitted when discussing foods that are high on the glycemic index is that a food that is high on the list only affects the blood sugar level when eaten by itself. As we all know, it is very rare that rice is eaten without other foods. It is always accompanied by other foods such as meat, vegetables, broths and fat. From these, we can conclude that rice will not raise your blood sugar level, unless you eat it daily by itself but you won’t do that right?

As for now, I have included rice in my diet. I still don’t eat everyday but it is now a part of my weekly meal plan. It’s a good food that will let you feel full for longer plus it’s cheap so it will be very helpful in my efforts to save money.